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HealthSteer believes you should see a friendly, experienced doctor and receive instant healthcare, wherever you are and on your terms.

We understand how precious your health and time are, which is why HealthSteer prioritises both, providing you with access to world-class, UK-trained GPs at a time that works for you. Convenient care and specialist support for busy professionals.
We are here to care for you when you need it most. With HealthSteer, book an appointment at a time that suits you, whether you are – at your desk at the office, on the way to or from the airport, curled up in bed or on an exotic beach halfway around the world. HealthSteer is there for you, whenever and wherever you need us, providing you with access to leading, British GPs that only care about your care.

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Taking care of your team, so that

they can take care of your business

Reduce Absenteeism

With the average appointment taking 4.5 hours out of the working day, reduce lost desk hours by supplying video GP consultations.

Increase productivity

24% of employees state that they feel pressured to go into work when poorly, ensure staff are healthy and well within office hours by providing high quality healthcare.

Promote Wellness

Improve employee satisfaction and retain valued staff with the implementation of easy, convenient access to GMC registered GPs.

Absenteeism costs average UK business

Sick days
Avg. per annum
Avg. daily cost
Avg. yearly cost

Save your holidays and lunchtimes

HealthSteer provides online doctor appointments during office hours.

We understand how hard it can be to get a GP appointment, especially during work hours.  Our service saves you holiday time, lunchtime and travel time.

Seeing an online Doctor with HealthSteer is easy and discreet, with an integrated chat function available on every call you can have a video appointment and text to keep your appointment private. A convenient, fast & reliable way to get medical help and prescriptions from anywhere at anytime.

How much is your employees day off costing the business?

Employee health benefits

Find out how much money you're losing through employees being absent per hour.

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Fit Notes

Did you know all our doctors are here to help you get on the mend. They will give you a fit-note should you need one.


Need medication? Sure, we’ve got you covered for the majority of illnesses. We have a long list of things we can treat as well as what we can’t.

Referral Letters

Our doctors could also offer you a referral letter. This is great if you don’t like waiting to get one and if you’re abroad. Let’s get one


how the community views HealthSteer

Professor Sedesh

The biggest challenge for healthcare at this moment of time is access and fitting it around a busy schedule which HealthSteer have addressed.

Professor Sudhesh Kumar OBE

Dean of Warwick Medical School
Julian Knight

In short, HealthSteer is an online portal that allows users to connect with doctors in a wide variety of specialisms via the internet. This has the potential to make these experts much more accessible, both by increasing the number of patients they can see via efficient video consultations and reducing the barriers that distance and time can pose for busy or less-mobile people.

Right Honourable Julian Knight

MP of Solihull
Len Dalton - Director of Dalton Pharmacy

Using the bricks and mortar base of community Pharmacies and the digital model of HealthSteer, working in partnership can enable us both to deliver a high standard of healthcare.

Len Dalton

Director of Dalton Pharmacy

Lynsey Kavanagh

Your Business Consultant
Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) and helping you to be an employer of choice are things I take great pride in. I've worked leading HR teams and know how hard it can be to take care of your team, so that they can take care of your business. What are your current challenges?

Abdi Hassan

Your Business Consultant
I'm here to help you increase productivity and reduce your absenteeism. I've worked within hospitality, manufacturing and the service sector and understand that keeping your workforce at their best means that your business remains at its best. How can we help you today?

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