healthsteer calculator for business loss due to absenteeism

This is the cost of sick days

Hourly rate = £10
Daily hours = 7.5 hours
No. days off = 5 days
No. of employees = 100
This year you're losing
£ 401,250

Be back in the GREEN by reducing your employees absences

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We understand your time is precious, which is why HealthSteer has a clever integrated AI system to help Doctors quickly access the right medication. So that no time is wasted through your consultation.

Jonathon Nimmons

Jonathon Nimmons

Head of Business Development
My function is to identify your absenteeism rate and how much it’s costing you. My aim is to reduce your sick days and increase your productivity. I interpret your objectives and demonstrate our solution, to meet your business goals.

Abdi Hassan

Account Manager
Up on joining the Healthsteer Team I’m here to support you, on your time and for any of your queries. I take pride in making sure you are getting the very best use of The HealthSteer platform.
Please do not shy away from flagging up improvements.  Technology develops and so do we.
Lynsey Kavanagh

Lynsey kavanagh

Business Consultant
At HealthSteer we’re a team all pushing in the same direction. Therefore, it’s my responsibility to listen to our market and find solutions to our client’s challenges. Constantly upping the bar on what we offer and how, because your health and wellbeing is our priority.

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