HealthSteer clinic believes in deeply caring about your health, because we understand that you want to focus on living and enjoying life to the fullest.

If you could have easier access to the best British trained doctors how much time and hassle would you save?

HealthSteer – Our Mission

There’s healthcare, then there’s HealthSteer. We believe in deeply caring about your health, because we understand that you want to focus on living and enjoying life to the fullest. We believe in life being precisions and sacred, knowing that a car or a house is replaceable – but you are not.

We know that there is more to life than worrying about medical issues, and definitely in preventing ailments from developing into something more worrying and we are here where and when you need us.

Part of delivering good quality health services, with care – is only offering the best doctors who listen and understand you, your needs and those of your family. That means you not being rushed with attentive and compassionate doctors who care about you.

HealthSteer – Our Services

Are you unwell and looking for a way to improve your health? Do you wish to have a second opinion about your diagnosis? Or you just have a quick consultation to make with a doctor but you don’t want to stay in the waiting room. This is for you.

You can now experience a real-time healthcare service at your own convenience now.

In your quest to get a good Healthcare service

  • Have you experienced the boring long wait in doctor’s consulting room?
  • Have you had to unnecessarily take time off work for a doctor’s appointment?
  • Have you been compelled to travel a long distance before seeing a specialist doctor?
  • Have you been given a wrong diagnosis and compelled to wait to get another diagnosis?

Not any more, when you sign up to HealthSteer

HealthSteer is an online doctor consultation platform where people like you get accessible, convenient and affordable medical advice from doctors via online medical consultations or face-to-face on a secure web-based platform without having to spend long hours in doctor’s waiting room. The doctor sees you on your schedule – when you need them to.

  • Our doctors only care about you and your health.
  • You have prompt access to any of our doctors.
  • You choose your consulting hour at your convenience.
  • With us, you are under NO OBLIGATION to pay any extra charge outside your initial bill.

What you need to do

  • Book an appointment
  • Schedule your consultation at a time convenient for you
  • Talk to a doctor either online or face-to-face with via our HealthSteer secured web-based platform
  • Get your prescription and start getting well

Your benefits

  • 15 minutes long consultation with our caring doctors
  • You get an accurate diagnosis and prescription in just a single consultation
  • You get personalised medical attention
  • No waiting room, simply quick and convenient consultations
  • British-certified specialist attends to you

So you are 100% guaranteed professional medical advice and prescriptions

And the good news is that you enjoy all these benefits with our caring British certified quality doctors for both online video consultations and face-to-face.

Are you ready to save time and receive the healthcare that you deserve?