Medico-Legal Services

HealthSteer Legal delivers medical assessments for insurance providers, corporate and legal sectors, nationally and internationally – facilitated by our team of Clinical Experts

    • ➢ Receive a Medico-Legal assessment immediately  
    • ➢ Be supported by medical reports for personal injury and clinical negligence  
    • ➢ Our experts provide a non-biased, logical and professional review          based on current medical evidence-based literature 
    • ➢ We make court appearances for claimants and defendants by video        call 
    • ➢  All of our Doctors are GMC Licensed and fully accredited 

Testing your health is your way of receiving a full MOT

Be protected by medical professionals 

Whether you’ve been in an accident or affected mentally from workplace bullying, HealthSteer will stand strong in your corner. Through assessments, treatment and a written report on your symptoms sustained, we put together your best case for a successful outcome. 

In legal disputes we analyse your circumstances, through our non-biased, logical and medically professional opinion, we conclude outcomes fair and true to our discovery. We can also support you in the court of our law, by contributing evidence towards your claim. 

Outside of this we offer a Recovery Programme for your injuries and tailored to your requirements. Your programme will be alongside a designated consultant, available 24/7 and on your case to help you overcome your health hurdles back to fitness.  

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