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Once you have booked your appointment and created your account you will be prompted to enter our virtual waiting room. Once your appointment time arrives, you will be connected to one of our UK Doctors for your Consultation via Video Call where the Doctor will confirm your identity and you can discuss your symptoms so that the Doctor can make the diagnosis. They will provide a Prescription for medication or a Sick Note or Referral Letter if required and if they feel it is necessary. The call is 100% private just like if you were sitting in your own Doctors surgery.

If the Doctor prescribes medication, they will write the Prescription and our Customer Service Team will contact you to confirm which is your preferred pharmacy so that you can pick this up at your convenience. You will need to take photo ID with you to the Pharmacy and confirm that you are picking up a private prescription from HealthSteer. The Doctor can also write a Sick Note or Referral Letter if required and send this to you by email.

If you or the Doctor feels that you need more time you will be able to extend the appointment. When you are nearing the end of your 10-minute consultation, the Doctor will ask you if you would like to extend the consultation and then you will get the option to click to agree to the extension on your screen.

Our Doctors are all fully trained by the NHS and are all registered with the General Medical Council (GMC), who regulate and set high standards for Doctors.

Yes. however, in some countries we may be unable to provide Prescriptions to local Pharmacies.

The conditions are the same as those treated in a GP clinic environment. Thus, we cover a broad range of conditions, from hay fever to anxiety, STDs to UTI.

As a member of the Care Quality Commission (CQC), we are unable to issue repeat Prescriptions as this service could be misused. You should order repeat Prescriptions from your own GP.

Our highest priority is to provide safe care to our patients. This means that we are unable to prescribe certain medications, including:

• Controlled medication, such as strong painkillers, anxiolytics, sedatives and hypnotics
• Medication that requires specialist prescribing and monitoring
• Medication that needs to be administered by injection (except for lifesaving or life-preserving purposes, like an EpiPen
• Diazepam
• Tramadol
• Gabapentin
• Pregabalin
• Zopiclone
• Codeine
• Sleeping tablets
• PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis for HIV treatment)

Our Doctors will always have your health in mind and will recommend the treatment that they think is the most suitable. Please note that all our prescriptions are issued at the consulting Doctor’s discretion. If you require any more information, please contact our customer service team.

Smartphone, laptop or tablet. Our platform is compatible with iOS and Android.

Yes. Instant messages are available during consultation. Please make the GP aware by filling out the medical report prior to starting the consultation.

Yes. HealthSteer can prescribe the contraceptive pill.

A Doctor will be selected depending on the availability and the time slots chosen. We cannot promise you will be able to see the same Doctor each time. The Doctor will have all the information from your previous consultation prior to starting your new consultation.

Yes, with Healthsteer you will be seen by an NHS trained Doctor.

Please check the following:
1. Check you have strong Wi-Fi or 4G connection.
2. Ensure you have allowed HealthSteer to access your microphone and camera. You can do this in the settings section of your device.
3. If you are using the web app, please ensure your microphone and in-built camera or webcam are switched on, and the correct camera selected.

If you are still experiencing a problem, please call our Customer Service Team on 03300 50 60 50

The GP can backdate a sick note for up to 2 weeks. A Sick Note can sign you off work or education for up to 4 weeks.
It will include details of when you’ll be likely to return and any steps your employer or institution can take to help your return.

You need to book an online consultation with one of our Doctors, and you may need to provide proof that you have been ill. The Sick Note will be sent to you by email.

If you are experiencing technical issues with the App or the Website, please contact our Customer Service Team on 03300 50 60 50 or email us at: customerservice@healthsteer.co.uk.

Yes. Please ensure the person collecting your Prescription has valid ID with them when collecting the Prescription.

You will need to take valid ID to the Pharmacy when collecting your Prescription. Valid ID should be a passport, driving license or ID card.

If you encounter any issues at the Pharmacy, please get in touch with our Customer Service Team on 03300 506050 or email us at customerservice@healthsteer.co.uk.

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